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It’s Not Just You – We Aren’t Talking Enough ADHD and Hormones

There are so many things I wish I had known about hormones and ADHD earlier. Hormones play such a fundamental role in the human body, deeply impacting a woman’s life at all of her life stages.

In this ebook, I provide basic information on:

  • How ADHD relates to hormones, menopause, pregnancy, and more.
  • What to do if you’re experiencing life difficulties related to ADHD and hormones.

It’s a compilation of the best interviews I’ve had after talking to experts and patients about ADHD and hormones for more than a year, with chapters including:

  • ‘Twice Nothing’: A Conversation With Dr. Sandra Kooij
  • No, It’s Not Alzheimer’s
  • Why We Don’t Know More By Now
  • When You Can’t (or Choose Not To) Medicate
  • Creating a ‘Prosthetic Environment’
  • ADHD & Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • A Radical Conversation for ADHD Women With Sari Solden

If you’re new to the topic of ADHD and hormones, these summaries of my most impactful conversations are for you.

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  • Size1.83 MB
  • Length26 pages
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[Ebook] ADHD & Hormones Ebook

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